Thursday, September 13, 2012

12 PhD positions in the area of mobile communications

CROSSFIRE, a newly launched FP7 Marie Curie Initial Training Network, 
offers twelve fully-funded PhD positions in six European countries. 
Under an architectural and component level perspective, the project 
approaches the emerging Long-Term Evolution-Advanced (LTE-A) network, 
which will be populated by uncoordinated and vast number of small cells 
(micro, pico and femtocells). We primary aim to provide a holistic 
understanding on issues such as co-channel interference from randomly 
located small cells (unplanned deployment), efficient utilization of the 
scarce spectrum (via cognition), self-organization (SON) and QoE at the 
end users, under the assumption that LTE-A networks share a common 
physical infrastructure. 
CROSSFIRE will analyze and propose network virtualization solutions, a technology which is envisioned to transform 
the operation of cellular networks in the years to come. More 
information on the project objectives and plan and description of the 
positions can be found here:

These PhD enrollments are under very attractive employment conditions 
and competitive salaries offered in Marie Curie Initial Training 
Networks. The selected researchers will join well recognized research 
groups and have a unique opportunity to pursue a career in mobile 
communications. Working in this ambitious research project, should lead 
the researchers to the successful completion of a doctoral degree, 
together with a very strong joint multidisciplinary research training 
program in the field of emerging mobile networks. The planned mobility 
among six European countries and eight institutions is a plus of the job 

We are looking for highly motivated, enthusiastic junior scientists, 
with a preferential background in mobile networks and network 
virtualization. Previous experience in fields directly related to the 
specific positions is a plus. Excellent research skills and analytical 
abilities are required, fluency in English (both spoken and written), 
proactive communication skills and problem solving as part of a team, 
strong record keeping, great work ethic and initiatives are essential 

Candidates must also meet the following criteria: 1) be in the first 
four years (full-time equivalent research experience) of their research 
careers; 2) be of any nationality, but not having resided or carried out 
their main activity in the country of the host institution of the 
position they are applying to for more than 1 year in the past 3 years; 
2) have a degree that in their country gives access to a PhD; 3) have 
not yet been awarded a PhD degree.

To apply for these positions, please download and fill in the CROSSFIRE 
Application Form:

and send it along with a motivation letter, full CV, degrees, 
recommenders’ contact details (up to 3), and any other relevant 
documents, at *mitn.crossfire at 
<mailto:mitn.crossfire at> *not later than*_31 October 2012.

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