Thursday, October 18, 2012

PostDoc in Mobile and Wireless Networks at NEC Laboratories America

The Mobile Communications and Networking research department at NEC Laboratories America in Princeton, NJ, has Research Staff Member positions 
available. The department's research projects can be broadly classified under  the following domains: Domain 1 - Radio Access Network (RAN) technologies 
(PHY/MAC); Domain 2 - Novel Radio Access Network (RAN) Architectural  Deployments; and Domain 3 - Mobile Core Network Optimization, Applications and 
Services. Details about projects within these domains can be found at

We are seeking candidates for all three domains. All candidates must have or  soon expect to receive a PhD degree in EE or CS as appropriate and have strong 
research experience and publication records. Candidates must be able to carry out original research, develop innovative technologies, work towards technology 
transfer to relevant business units within the company and also maintain a  track record of high-quality peer-reviewed publications.
Candidates for Domain 1 require experience in one or more of OFDMA PHY related  technologies such as MIMO (eg. Distributed MIMO, Large-scale MIMO, MIMO with 
outdated CSI), CoMP (coordinated multipoint transmission), novel interference cancellation techniques such as interference alignment, full-duplex 
communication and multi-cell coordinated scheduling and resource management  techniques. The scope of work includes working with the team on simulator 
development and contributing to the 3GPP standards.

Candidates for Domain 2 are expected to have hands-on wireless networked systems building research experience at MAC and higher-layers of the protocol 
stack. Familiarity with basic PHY concepts is a plus.

Candidates for the Domain 3 are expected to have networking systems experience at the application and services layer. Background in technologies related to 
traffic optimization (video/web), in-network caching/content distribution, network virtualization and cloud services is desirable with an emphasis on 
application of such technologies to mobile networks.
Application Instructions
For more information about NEC Labs, access Submit your CV and research statement through our career center at the links noted 
with each position.

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